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Food Safety Summit 2021

Food Safety Summit 2021

Warm welcome to the International conference on Food Science and Food Safety  which is going to be scheduled during October 29, 2021 . Food Safety Summit-2021 brings upon a new platform to share new ideas and discuss all the innovations in the field of Food science.

Meet the world eminent specialists and speakers at our conference to speak concerning new advances within the field of Food Science and Food Safety to develop more innovations that introduced in the field of Food science. This will offer a great platform for students and researchers to exhibit their work and obtain recognized amidst the foremost individuals.

I would wish to invite you all for this Food Safety Summit 2021 to make a new Innovations and technologies.


Niveda Williams
Food Safety Summit 2021.

Food Safety. It also provides the premier multidisciplinary forum for researchers, professors and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Food Safety. The conference program will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to the Food Science, including: Food Safety, Food Laws and Regulations, different  technologies in Food Industry, Food Toxicology, Food Safety  and so on.

9th International Conference on Food Science and Food Safety aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Food Science and Food Safety. It also provides a premier multidisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions acquired in the fields of Food Safety 2021.


Food Safety Summit  2021 is comprised of various tracks and sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in the field of Food Science.

Why to attend:

Our point is to the corporate network and to make a stage for the trading of data on innovative advancements, new logical modernization and the viability of different administrative projects towards Food Safety Meet 2021. The use of Molecular Approaches in all parts of the cutting edge Food Science and Health field. This meeting likewise centres around a wide assortment of momentum look into on sanitation and wellbeing that have both useful and pernicious impacts on the security and nature of nourishments, and are along these lines a worry of general wellbeing.


This is the best chance to interface with members from the Food Safety, Health affiliations and Food Biotechnology, Associations, Food Safety Societies, and Food Science Academicians. It mostly worries on the advanced effect and innovations in Food Safety and other significant to Food Sciences, just as for commencement of new evaluations and advances and the adequacy of different administrative projects on Food Chemistry towards Food Safety Meet 2021 behaviours introductions, share information, meet with present potential and prominent researchers, and get name acknowledgment at this two days occasion.

Target Audience

Food Safety Summit 2021 invites a common platform for Deans, Directors, Professors, Students, researchers, Chemical engineers, Health associations & Food Biotechnology, Associations, Food Safety Societies, and Food Science Academicians and different members through modern segments over the world so as to build up a logical connection between food processing engineers  from food manufactured companies. This is your best opportunity to reach best Researchers, Food technicians and the largest assemblage for the participants from the Food Community. Our Food Conference planned keeping in mind with best scientific sessions, exhibitions, poster presentations, oral presentations, symposiums, and great keynotes.

World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, processing and the newest updates in Food Safety are hallmarks of our conference.

Importance & Scope:

The field of Food Science have not just helped the advancement in various fields in science and innovation yet in addition contributed towards the improvement of the nature of human life all things considered. This has gotten conceivable with the various revelations and innovations prompting the advancement of different applications. The centre point of Food Safety Summit 2021gathering is to give a chance to the agents to meet, cooperate and trade new thoughts in the different territories of Food Technology. This International Food Regulatory gathering will include widely acclaimed keynote speakers, all-hands meetings, youthful research discussion, notice introductions, specialized workshops and profession direction sessions.

Sessions and Tracks:

Track 1: Food Safety

Food Safety is a general term indicates to reduce the risk of individuals becoming sick from the cause of  foodborne illness through managed handling, preparation and preservation of foods. Every food establishment uses and sells food in different ways. The main focus of food safety is to avert the food from the contamination. Regardless of why you are handling the food it is essential that always applying the proper food safety principles. If a food safety system is producing the food as safely as possible 100% foodborne illness can be prevented as early as possible. The occurrence of two or more cases of a similar illnesses resulting from the gulp of a common food is known as a food-borne disease outburst.          

Track 2: Food Safety Laws and Regulations

Food safety Regulations is an integrative subject region takes part in food science, law and food/health policy as applied to the regulation of the entire food chain. Keeping in sight, industry to market process, food safety concerns include food labelling, food hygiene, food additives and pesticide residues, as well as programs on biotechnology and guidelines for the management and authorization systems for foods. The nature of some current food safety regulatory issues will change with time including the regulation of genetically modified foods including labelling, nutrition and health claims, rapid response to food emergencies, food borne disease outbursts and emerging pathogens.

Track 3: Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology studies the position of microorganisms in meals Moreover; some of the microorganisms represent a massive venture for public health due to their ability to cause diseases. Food maintenance aims at inactivating and dominant the boom of mortify microorganisms, making sure shelf-stable and healthful ingredients. Thus, continuous efforts among  food industries, governments, and society are created to reinforce applied statistical sampling gear and microbiological approaches with the intention to catch  the mechanisms that have a bearing at the fate of microorganisms in the ingredients used in daily meals.

Track 4: Food Processing & Technology

Food process may be a series of unit operations to convert unprocessed food-to-foodstuffs with a protracted amount of your time and modify storage that revoke or reduces time or effort spent in preparation procedures for increased consumption. The principle of food process inside the bulk of developing countries helps to different aroma, and texture to boost period and aesthetic properties and to boost the nutritional value of foods. High-quality foods in greatest demand are very decomposable foods. Unfortunately most decomposable able foods square measure usually conserved by the considered use of present technology.

Track 5: Food Production and packaging systems

Food Packaging is the safety net that protects your product. It plays a vital role in storing food throughout the distribution chain. Deprived of packaging and the handling of food can become negotiated as it is contaminated by direct contact with physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. In present years, the growth of novel food packaging has not only improved the serviceable life of foods, but also their safety and quality product. From the materials to the finished product, primary and secondary packaging solutions are playing vital role in making sure your product brings a strong first impression when it reaches your consumer.         

Track 6: Food Chemistry

The interlink age and chemical procedure between the organic and non-biological additives of food is named Nutriment chemistry. A number of biological elements cover meat, poultry, alcohol and milk. It consists of carbohydrates, lipids, Enzymes, and proteins, food elements, flavours, and colours in organic chemistry. A specialised section of food technology upset with associate facts of the elemental changes of composition and to boot the physical circumstance of foodstuffs that may arise at some stage in and behind industrial process. This field furthermore encloses however merchandise trade underneath positive food process techniques and ways in which each to reinforce and to prevent them from occurring.

Track 7: Dairy Technology & Safety

Dairy technology study involves process, storage, packing, distribution and transportation of dairy farm products by implying the science of medical specialty, nutrition and biochemistry. Milk and foodstuff still raise considerations with reference to contamination with mycotoxins; most of these have attainable or confirmed cancer standing. Such considerations area unit additional serious sure as shooting cheeses as a result of their frequent contamination with high concentrations of mycotoxins from different sources, together with the milk used as a material and melds found as contaminants or advisedly superimposed for ripening. Completely different management measures area unit navigate to forestall the formation or to get rid of mycotoxins in dairy farm products once fashioned in this. However, these ways either supply associate degree scanty degree of protection or area unit significant to implement.

Track 8: Nutraceuticals & Nutrition Supplements

A nutraceutical is a food or food component that appeals to have health benefits, including treatment and prevention of disease. A nutraceutical product may be defined as a constituent, which has physiological benefit and also provides protection against chronic disease. Nutraceuticals are used for a better health, Nutritional supplements are any digestible supplement that is projected to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in adequate quantities; for example  vitamins, minerals, amino acids or other nutritional substances.

Track 9: Food Sampling

Food sampling is a method used to confirm a food is safe which it doesn't contain harmful contaminants, or that it contains solely permissible additives at acceptable levels, or that it contains the proper levels of key ingredients and its label declarations are correct, or to understand the number of nutrients present. The food sample is administrated by pointing the product to physical analysis. The analysis could also be undertaken by or on behalf of a manufacturer relating to their own product, or for official food enforcement or management functions, or for analysis or public info. To undertake any analysis, unless the complete quantity of food to be thought-about is incredibly little in order that the food may be used for testing in its completeness, it's sometimes necessary for a little of it to be taken. In most cases with food to be analysed, there are 2 levels of sampling – the primary being choice of a little from the complete that is then submitted to a laboratory for testing, and therefore the second being the laboratory’s taking of the individual amounts necessary for individual tests that will be applied. It’s previous that's ‘food sampling’: the latter is analytical laboratory ‘sub-sampling’, usually relying upon the initial blending of the whole submitted sample.

Track 10: Food Preservation and Quality Standard

The quality of food not only depends on raw materials but also dependable on the preservation methods of food. It secures that the quality, edibility and the nutritive value of food remains same. On the other hand food preservation is mostly aiming at minimizing post-harvest losses of food while improving the shelf-life and value addition. It also includes the process that prevents visual deterioration. Food quality standards have benchmarked the required level of food quality parameters and linking the safety management systems to the preferred quality. Considering the significance of quality standards and food management system food safety meetings maintains the food safety and quality.

Track 11: Food and Quality Control

Food quality plays an important role because food consumers are vulnerable to any form of contamination which may occur during manufacturing. Most of the customers prone to buy a product of the same brand which we think is of good quality and matches our expectations, but even the slightest mistakes where the quality of a product is damaged or compromised could completely destroy the image of the brand and the company could face a huge loss. One way to reduce these types of incidents is to eliminate the source of a problem with through inspection and quality management to make sure customers’ requirements are met. It is important to make sure that the food processed from the environment is clean and healthy in order to provide the good quality food for the customer needs.

Track 12: Food Toxicology

Food toxicology is involved assessing the injurious consequences on living structures of chemicals found in foods. The chemical dealers is also guy-made (Example. chemical residues, food parts, contaminants arising with processing machinery, or packaging substances) or of flavouring starting (example. microbial, animal or plant toxins). They can, even be generated at intervals the direction of constructing prepared, processing, and keeping foods (Example. mutagens and cancer agents). It’s vital that students of food technology additionally to environmental toxicology are familiarising with the simple chemical and biological elements of the injurious materials found in food. This path must broaden associate degree experience of the chemical and organic principles that decide toxicity and, by means of providing traditional samples of the toxic substances placed in ingredients; it hopes to let faculty students appear as aware of their homes, modes of movement, and techniques of analysis.


Track 13: Food-borne Diseases

Food poisoning is the main cause for the intake of unhealthy food or unhygienic food. Foodborne illnesses are infections or irascibilities of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract precipitate by food or beverages that contain destructive bacteria, parasites, viruses, or chemicals. The GI tract is a sequence of hollow organs that joined in a long, twisting tube from the mouth to the anus. Common symptoms of foodborne illnesses are vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, and chills. Main causes include:

Track 14: Dietetics

Dietetics is the demonstration of fusing biochemical, physiological, social, and authoritative thoughts into the examination of sustenance to achieve a sound lifestyle. A degree in dietetics offers testing and compensating business openings working in crisis centres, long stretch consideration workplaces, general prosperity associations, sustenance industry, analyse labs to say the very least. On account of controlling helpful sustenance treatment in a social protection setting or planning sustenance organization exercises, selected dieticians progress toward the shirking and treatment of infection.

Track 15: Food Allergens

Food allergens area unit usually naturally-occurring proteins in the food or derivatives of them that cause abnormal immune responses. The prevalence of food allergies around the world is believed to be increasing, with more than 8% of children and 2% of adults in countries like Australia and New Zealand having an allergy of foods. Having a hypersensitivity reaction to at least one or a lot of foods. The foremost common allergens for young kids area unit milk and egg however, several kids outgrow these allergies by the time they need reaching 5-7 years old-time. On the other hand, allergies like those to food, peanut, and tree nut might develop later and area unit long conditions.

Track 16: Food Flavours

Food flavouring (or food flavouring) refers to the mixing of essences, liquid extracts and flavours which are added to produce the enhance for the taste and aroma. Essential oils from fruits and vegetables, synthetic organic chemicals and food colouring is the basic flavouring which is used. Although the food flavouring industry mainly used to focus on natural flavouring substances, today we are seeing a lot of organic chemical components such as alcohol, hydrocarbons and phenol ethers used. Many food flavouring are classified.


Track 17: Kinetics of Food process

The purpose of kinetics is very important in many aspects of food research. Enzymatic, chemical, and microbial reactions in foods occur simultaneously during processing and storage, and usually it is a chain of reactions. Optimizing the quality of food in a quantitative way can be done with the proper use of kinetics. This is useful to study the kinetics of changes during digestion and assimilation in the body

Track 18: Management of Food Waste:

The reasons of food waste or loss are several and are occur at the stages of producing, processing, retailing and consuming. Mostly in recent years, food waste has become a multifaceted phenomenon attracting the attention of scientists, consumers and activists alike. It’s been termed as a global paradox regarding the method in which the importance is put on agriculture to advance food security and then a third of all the food produced ends up as waste.

Track 19: Food Additives and Labelling

Food additives are the material that is added to food to maintain or improve the safety, freshness, taste, texture, or appearances of food are known as food additives. These food additives are also obtain from the plants, animals or minerals and also can be synthetic. Food labelling can provide consumers about the information they need and desire to make food choices. Labelling is mandatory for nutrition information to be declared on pre-packed food material. Food label contains more information; it’s frequently difficult to know what you should look for and what it all means. But if you want to improve your diet and make healthy choices, it's important to get into the habit of checking the label.

Anti-caking agents

  • Bleaching, maturing and dough conditioning agents
  • Colouring agents

Emulsifying, gelling, stabilizing or thickening agents

Food enzymes

Track 20: Poultry Hygiene Management

The consumption of excellent and enough secure and nutritious food is crucial to our fitness and well-being. Keeping our meals safe implies the power of Food protection principles. There are a number of the contaminants that will appear in our food and infection may arise at any level for the period of producing, processing, garage, and preparation of our meals. Good food meals safety practices for the certain period of the meals producing chain from “farm to fork” can minimize the chance of contamination of our meals and boot minimize, or perhaps get rid of, the impact of contamination that has already happened.

Environmental Safety

Occupational Health

Track 21: Food Adulteration

Food adulteration is that the act of on purpose degrading the standard of food offered purchasable either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient. Food adulteration may be a large concern altogether component of the world, there's voluminous literature on varied aspects of food adulteration as well as its detection. Food adulteration and reviews choose analytical strategies that are used for food authentication, as well as chromatography, spectroscopy, stable isotope analysis, metabolomics, proteomics, enzymatic methods, and DNA-based techniques.

Track 22: Medical Foods and Dietary Supplements

The Medicals foods are especially developed and designed as it contains good medicinal values which is meant for the dietary management of a sickness or condition that has distinctive process needs that cannot be met by an ancient diet alone over a “shake,” a medical food is developed to deliver the targeted nutrition for the nutritionary management of one, specific condition. Unlike dietary supplements, the law stipulates that medical foods be used below the continuing omission of a tending practicing. This is often as a result of patients United Nations agency use medical foods that have health conditions that need medical management to make sure that the proper quantity is run and adjusted. Additionally, ingredients are found inside medical food should be GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) whereas ingredients for dietary supplements have rather totally different standard.

Track 23: Food Safety in Retail Foods

Every food business is required to follow some legal requirements for food safety. The food retail division covers and organized modern retail and also traditional groceries, food service industries. In the retail segment, food safety is very important as the food retail the final end of the food chain before it reaches the consumer. Even though different types of food retail have their own food safety issues as risk management, good practices that includes hygiene practices, are important in any food sector. In addition, modern organized food retail has a huge number of collections of activities covering basic food obtaining and processing, storage and finally the handling of the front end where the customer interaction is high.

Track 24: Novel Foods and Nano Materials

Novel food is nothing but the food that has not been consumed to a considerable amount by humans. Novel food can be newly documented, advanced food and food manufactured using new skills and manufactures the processes, as well as food which have been traditionally eaten outside of the EU. Novel food contains the new sources of vitamin K (Mena Quinone), agricultural products like chia seeds, noni fruit juice and also food imitative from the new manufacture process. If novel food is projected to change another food, it must not differ in way that the intake of the Novel food would be nutritionally injurious for the consumer.

Track 25: New Developments in Food Industry

The question of regulation, innovation and their influence on competitiveness in global markets has a high importance for the food industry. However, little has been done to understand the effect of regulation on the capacity of such a traditional industry like the food industry to discover and to introduce the new products and services in the market. Transformation activities in the food industry can be marked on different levels and with differing methodological approaches innovative fields in the food industry are analysed whether the existing regulatory framework has restrain or facilitating impacts on the development and introduction of new supplements: the use of genetic engineering approaches for food production and food processing, the field of health align Functional Foods and organic food products. In the coming years the agro-food sector is challenges with multifarious new scientific approaches and some of the technical opportunities which often have an interdisciplinary character. Therefore, the inauguration and building-up of interfacing capability as well as the establishment of new outermost knowledge and capable networks seems to be of strategic relevance for many companies of the EU food industry. In this context it is advisable to widen the knowledge base of external co-operations and include clients, retail companies, research institutes, particular service companies as well as other companies of the food and supplying industries in such networks.


Introduction: The 9th International Conference on Food Safety and Food Science Conference is going to be webinar. The Food Science and Food Safety is becoming very well abroad in countries, for example, North America, Europe, Asia pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. The worldwide sanitation testing market is gauge to esteem at USD 25.9 billion developing at a CAGR of 9.6% during the estimate time of 2019-2024.

Sanitation testing is the major and unavoidable factor in the nourishment business. Guidelines in regards to sanitation tests, for following components and investigating the microbiological quality and so forth have been executed at every single degree of preparing.

The guidelines and models fluctuate from nation to nation.

The sanitation testing market is driven by expanded customer mindfulness with respect to the wellbeing parts of nourishment items.

The health and wellbeing trend stays beneficial for each packaged meals and liquids in Austria in 2019. As strong anti-sugar sentiment becomes nicely-entrenched in customers recognition, decreased sugar packaged food endured to grow continued to peer top boom. However, ahead of decreased sugar turned into unfastened from dairy, the chief in terms of boom in health and wellbeing packaged food. Second to loose from dairy become unfastened from meat, as rising purchaser situation with each health and animal welfare increment.

 Growing Food Safety Awareness among Austria

Euro monitor International's Health and Wellness in Austria record tracks the tendencies of fitness-associated product sorts and the wholesome-alternative positioning of competing manufacturers across distinct food sectors. It presents the ultra-modern retail sales statistics 2015-2019, allowing you to evaluate health and wellness classes with every different or in the context of the entire marketplace for a sector. It identifies the leading agencies, the leading manufacturers and offers strategic evaluation of key elements influencing the marketplace- be the new product developments, legislative context or life-style impacts. Forecasts to 2024 illustrate how the marketplace is set to trade. Product coverage: Focus Categories with the aid of Key Functional Ingredients, Health and Wellness by Category, Health and Wellness by using Prime Positioning, Health and Wellness by using Type.

Data insurance: market sizes (historic and forecasts), organisation stocks, brand shares and distribution facts.

Euromonitor International has over forty years' revel in of publishing marketplace studies reports, business reference books and on-line statistics structures. With offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Vilnius, Dubai, Cape Town, Santiago, Sydney, Tokyo and Bangalore and a community of over 800 analysts international, Euromonitor International has a unique functionality to develop dependable data assets to assist pressure informed strategic planning.

Global Universities

Abat Oliva - CEU University.

Universitat  Rovirai Virgili.

University of Granada

University of Barcelona

 Escuela Universitaria de Hostelería y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar

University of Aberdeen.

University of Chichester.

Bournemouth University

Coventry University

University College Dublin

University College Dublin

University of East Anglia UEA

University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow

Harper Adams University

University of Huddersfield

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool John Moore’s University

London Metropolitan University

London South Bank University


Research Centres:

Food Science and Nutrition Research Centre (FSNRC)

Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)

Centre for Nutrition Research (CNR)

Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research centre

Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Centre,

Western Human Nutrition Research Centre (WHNRC)

Related Associations and Societies:

International Food Policy Research Institute, USA

Good Food Society, UK

The Food society, USA

National Association of Specialty Food, USA

IUFoST International Union of Food Science and Technology, Europe

ISEKI-Food Association, Europe

FoodDrink Europe, Europe

Society of Nutrition and Food Science, German

Asian Food Safety and Security Association, Bangladesh

International Wine & Food Society, UK

Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science, Japan

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA

British Frozen Food Federation, UK

European Food Information Council (EUFIC), UK

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date October 29-29, 2021
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